Solar Drip Irrigation Morocco, tranche 3 starting now!

Solar Drip Irrigation Morocco, tranche 3 starting now!

Solar Future proudly presents:

Crowdfunding project for up to 50 new solar installations for drip irrigation in the dessert region of Drâa Tafilalet. The solar installations are available in two sizes: 9.72 kWp for a 5.5 kW pump and 14.58 kWp for a 9.2 kW pump. The crowd funding campaign on the crowd funding platform has just started!.

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We are pleased to be able to offer you the third installment of the Solar Drip Irrigation Morocco project for investment. We are proud to inform you that we could establish a partnership with the climate protection organization atmosfair gGmbH and can therefore offer up to 50 PV systems at discounted terms thanks to a low-interest loan from atmosfair.

With this tranche we want to establish the tried and tested system of hire purchase of solar power systems in the structurally weak desert region Drâa Tafilalet, in order to create added value for the environment and the people living there. We are striving for more favorable conditions than before to give selected, often very poor, farmers the opportunity to irrigate their plantations in a sustainable and climate-neutral way. So far, the pumps have been operated with butane gas or diesel, which in addition to the fuel costs also causes work for the transport of the gas bottles and diesel canisters. If a family e.g. due to illness comes into financial difficulties, the income of the family is often no longer sufficient to irrigate the entire plantation and valuable date plants can no longer be watered sufficiently. A solar power system not only relieves the environment, but also the farmers’ wallets and sufficient irrigation of all fields can be ensured thanks to water-saving drip irrigation.

By installing a solar power system, the economic situation of a family can be stabilized and improved in the long term. Physical and financial burdens are reduced.

If the crowdfunding project is successfull, Solar Future S.A.R.L. also sponsors a solar power system for a water point in the desert, which will be made available to nomads and their camels free of charge in the future.

As a small thank you, investors who invest € 5,000 or more in this project will also receive an overnight voucher for two people for two nights at the Caravane Rose du Sable caravanserai in Mhamid.

Invest now at 6.5% interest with a term of 5 years in this sustainable project and help Moroccan farming families to environmentally friendly and resource-saving solar irrigation of their plantations!

Invest now!

Development of a Renewable Energy Concept for the Salesian College in Darjeeling

Development of a Renewable Energy Concept for the Salesian College in Darjeeling

January 2020

Solar Future supported the development of a renewable energy concept for the Salesian College at Sonada and Siliguri Campus. The project has been fascilitated by the German Foundation Senior Expert Service (SES). The renewable energy concept combines a micro hydro power plant with a solar power installation, Diesel generators and public grid. As temperatures at Sonada college fall near 0 ° C in winter and the building is not insulated also a concept for insulation and heating of functional units has been developed.

Pfisterer Solar Container for St. Aquinas School in Mtwara

Development of a renewable energy concept at the Benedictine Sisters in Mtwara, Tanzania

Summer 2019

Solar Future supported an energy assessment fascilitated by the German Foundation Senior Expert Service at the Benedictine Sisters in Mtwara, Tanzania, which took place in November 2018.

The assessment lead to the installation of a 20 kWp solar container, which was developed and produced by Pfisterer, Germany, and installed in summer 2019.

More information about the Pfisterer solar container